Ashley Kim


'Blinded' is an original short animation film about wildlife disruption due to wildfire caused by climate change.

Role: storyboard, environment design, character model, rig (IK), animation, visual effects, film composition
Tool: Maya, Arnold, Premiere Pro
Duration: 1 month (April 1 - May 9)
Team: Ashley Kim, Nina Duan, Justin Lee, Magda Gourinchas, Liam P. Mulligan

Stillshot from short film Blinded

Here are some of many ways you can help reduce climate change and save wildlife & ecosystems starting today:

  • Use renewable energy.
  • Reduce energy use.
  • Respect and protect green spaces.
  • Cut down meat and dairy consumption.
  • Support rewilding and environmental projects.

Original film by Ashley Kim, Nina Duan, Justin Lee, Magda Gourinchas Original score by Liam P. Mulligan

Special Thanks to James Duesing, Jessica Hodgins, Andrei Shpilenok, Joey Clarke, Maggie Huang, John Namgung, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, and Carnegie Mellon University School of Art.

Note: More details to be added!

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