'Blinded' is an original short animation film about wildlife disruption due to wildfire caused by climate change.

Stillshot from 'Blinded', a short film.



'Blinded' is an original short animation film about wildlife disruption due to wildfire caused by climate change. Motivated by bringing greater awareness to wildfire and climate change around the world, this short film aims to help the audience be more conscious of individual acts and energy consumptions. Check below for more concrete ways you can contribute to slow down climate change and save wildlife & ecosystems starting today.


Ashley Kim
Nina Duan
Justin Lee
Magda Gourinchas
Liam P. Mulligan


Environment Design
Character Pipeline
Visual Effects
Film Composition


April 1 – May 9, 2022
(1 month)


Premiere Pro

Blinded (2022) from Ashley Kim on Vimeo.

Things you can do starting today to save wildlife & ecosystems
  • Use renewable energy.
  • Reduce energy use
  • Respect and protect green spaces
  • Cut down meat and dairy consumption
  • Support rewilding and environmental projects

  • Original film by Ashley Kim, Nina Duan, Justin Lee, Magda Gourinchas Original score by Liam P. Mulligan

    Special Thanks to James Duesing, Jessica Hodgins, Andrei Shpilenok, Joey Clarke, Maggie Huang, John Namgung, Australian Wildlife Conservancy, and Carnegie Mellon University School of Art.

    Making-of Blinded

    Making-Of Blinded (2022) from Ashley Kim on Vimeo.

    Process Snapshot
    Initial storyboard of Blinded
    I first developed the storyboard inspired by the sad news of Australian forest fire and the lack of habitat the wild Koalas experience due to climate change.
    At the time of story development, I was watching a drama called Nevertheless, which depicted and utilized butterfly as a magical/mystical yet dangerous metaphor. This drama inspired me to use butterfly in a similar sense for the short film.
    We then collected relevant images online and created our moodboard for the short film. We even watched live stream of Koalas in San Diego zoo!
    Moodboard for Blinded
    Koala character design turntable
    Head model : Justin Lee
    Body model : Ashley Kim
    XGen Fur & Texture : Nina Duan

    Did you know Koalas have two thumbs on their front paws only?
    Visual Effect Practice : Aero
    Directing smoke movement path using NURBS curve.
    Smoke trail simulation with change in acceleration and velocity.
    Generating different smoke path by changing starting mesh and its rotation in xyz.
    Visual Effect Practice : nCloth
    Dress sway simulation using nCloth
    Tree + leaves motion simulation using nCloth
    Visual Effect Practice : Volumetric Lighting
    Volumetric lighting test on environment, forestVolumetric lighting test on main target object, house
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